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Cellar Gas

Beverage gas for use in cellars. 

Co2 for soft drink machines and carbonated beers

70/30 Mix for stouts

60/40 Mix for Larger and ciders

Specialist Co2 

Dip Tube liquid co2 for sports/cryo treatment and use in theatrical special effects. 



Amber Ale

Argon & Helium 

Argon ​welding gas

Argon5 Pure for use in both TIG and MIG welding. 

Argon5 Mix is 95% argon 5% Co2 for use in MIG welding

We also stock helium gas perfect for filling balloons for any upcoming event. 


Flo Gas Stockist

We stock a wide range of Flogas Including 

Patio gas 



Please contact us for more information 



Keg Beer

We stock and sell a wide range of beers and ciders to both the public and trade. 

Please contact us for more information 



Our Clients Say

"Great service & they make sure we don't run out of gas"

Kate Simpson - Owner

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