Cellar Gases


When we started out we were mainly a cellar gas supplier and it is still by far our biggest seller. With have a list regular customers who visit on a set day each week. This allows them to get on with the day to day running of there pubs without having to keep checking there gas stocks.

They know we wont let them run out. We also offer regular special offers to customers to order more at a time. As the less trips we make to you the more cost effective it is for us. So we pass these savings to you with buy a certain amount get one free or a bottle or case free.

Co2 14lb/6kg = £10.00 +Vat
70/30 mixed gas 10 litre = £10.00 +Vat
50/50 mixed gas 10 litre = £10.00 +Vat
60/40 mixed gas 10 litre = £10.00 + Vat
C02 34kg = £40.00 +Vat
Co2 50lb = £30.00 + Vat
67 litre Mixed gas = £50.00 +Vat

If you are a wholesaler please contact us regards pricing on bulk filling of your own cylinders or bulk supply of our own.

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All prices quoted on this website were correct at the time of publishing. Prices may change due to increase in our costs, increase in Vat, increase in duty etc. We reserve the right to change the prices at any time without notice. however we will always inform you when orders placed.